Architectural Design

We design thoughtfully detailed bespoke projects ranging from residences, work environments, flexible spaces and community places. We work globally with design commissions in New York City, Australia and the Philippines. Particularly interested in the relationship between human behavior and space, our work reflects the unique character of each client and context. Invested in a clarity of flow within spaces, light and the honest crafting of materials, our work realizes a tactile engagement of design.     

Social Advocacy

We dedicate time as a practice towards projects of social significance, bringing design to communities in need and those unable to access architects for their development causes. We believe in the positive impact of design and that it should be provided to all. In 2013, actLAB principal, Aya Maceda was awarded the Percival and Naomi Goodman Fellowship by Columbia University GSAPP which fuelled the our first project, the Active School for disaster-stricken areas of the Philippines. We recently completed the Woodside, Queens community kitchen and multi-purpose community space. Contact us to support our work.                          …