City of Play

Initiated as  design-research studio at the Parsons School of Design SCE, the studio sought to explore new play space typologies for today’s urban context. It seeks to re-think the social value and the critical role of play spaces vis-à-vis of public space that imagines a City of PLAY.

City of Play  ambitiously aims to have a park within a 10 -minute distance from every New Yorker’s home. If achieved, New York City will have an immense distributed network of public open space – this vision will be the place of exploration and exploitation of the studio in order to produce a heterogeneous network of public spaces [of play spaces] that would stimulate imagination, open new spatial possibilities and allow diverse social interactions in the urban realm.

We are in a time in our society that is re-asserting its creative class, and play spaces are critical infrastructure to develop the creative potential of our denizens.

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