Siama Hotel

Set in a remote coconut farm in Sorsogon, Philippines, this project was conceived using a logical assembly and basic hierarchy of slab, column, beam, roof and screen, using locally sourced materials — coconut timbers, local stone, layered grass (nipa) roofing and concrete.  The planning of each building surrounding a pool, is set by the grid of the coconut trees already established on the site. Implementing the idea of private & public spaces in a Filipino home, living spaces are completely open, oriented to the garden and bedrooms are enclosed (set on the sides of the main house or lifted above, contained by screens in the guest pavilions). 

The non-complex, anti-over detailing strategy implemented for this rural construction is key to the realization of the project. 

In collaboration with designer, Milo Naval (Philippines 2012-2013) 

 @Tabitha Fernan@Kurt Arnold