Housing for the Private Rental Market Competition, Nov ’13. We developed a feasible“flexible” communal housing system with Live-Work units as the device to activate suburbia — treating housing as a non-static ecosystem that negotiates the spatial growth of individual units with networks of communal space. It acknowledges that while there is a need for designing dwelling units that cater for the current demographic, there is a greater need for dwelling types to be able to expand spatially or contract as a dweller’s circumstance in life changes by decisions to live with other people, have children, separate, live in a mulch-generational setting or age while remaining independent. The idea is that if people are able to control the space they require to dwell and respond to their changing needs in terms of individual and communal space, housing can therefore be less transient. Flexibility, new economic life and physical social networks will alow for new avenues for communication, social encounter and place-making.

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a  non-static ecosystem that negotiates the spatial growth of units & networks of communal space